Alicante, day 2.

After a busy day before and a late night, a quiet and slow-paced morning was on the cards.

With a very posh wedding to attend in a couple of weeks and a very lovely but close-fitting Richard Nicoll dress to squeeze into I thought it about time to dig out my goggles and do a few lengths of the pool to burn off my gin and tonics from the previous evening. Needless to say, the workout was short-lived as lunch appeared! My Dad did his fatherly duty and fired up the barbecue and we had kebabs of local courgette, onion, pepper and little spicy sausages drizzled in olive oil…all very tasty indeed!

BBQ in villa


Mid-afternoon we made our way to the town of Calpe which in comparison to Oliva felt a lot more modern without being overcrowded and built-up. We walked along the seafront down from the harbour where we found trendy shops, boutiques, restaurants and beach bars. My favourite shop was called Indigo. It sold beautiful pottery, linen clothes, jewellery, leather satchels, woven espadrilles, silk scarves and other stylish things. I couldn’t resist and bought two hand-made bowls. It was in Indigo that I met this fellow…


calpe alicante


We strolled down to a sandy beach where I finished reading The Village by Nikita Lalwani. As the sun started to set people walked through the lapping waves hand-in-hand and a man threw the ball for his dog into the sea- it was a lovely end to another lovely day!



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