Afternoon Tea at Bill’s

After a busy week flying in from Spain and spending the day at Wimbledon it was time to relax and takes things easy. Staying in Twickenham with my boyfriend James, Richmond is always near the top of the list of places to go seeing as it’s so near by and such a stylish place! Little pooches skip along the river bank whilst their equally groomed owners follow behind with Matches, Zadig & Voltaire and Margaret Howell bags swinging from the crook of their arm. We decided to head to Bill’s. My sister is a Bill’s devotee and is a regular at the Bill’s in Brighton so I knew we were in for a treat.

Combining rustic design with shabby-chic and Italian furnishings, Bill’s feels quirky and unusual from the outset. We ordered afternoon tea for two which arrived on this wonderful contraption….


At first look at the food I was doubtful that they had given me enough to satisfy my forever-hungry and bottomless belly but Bill’s proved me wrong!…it’s more filling than it looks! Thank goodness for elasticated waistbands!
The food was tasty (as my sister had always led me to believe)…the tastiest item being the warm scones with thick clotted cream and strawberry jam. Technically I was meant to be embarking on a healthy-eating regime but this fell by the wayside after being seduced by the scone…




Keeping with their ethos of providing wholesome food, Bill’s also do a hamper service where you can buy hampers stuffed to the brim with their own foodie produce! To make a reservation at a Bill’s near you, click on the following picture! (psst…it’s worth a visit)



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