A superjuice a day keeps the doctor away!

Whilst juices are no new phenomenon, the are often still considered to be reserved for health-freaks, models and trendy ‘of-the-moment- Chelsea cafes. But alas, the juice can, and should, be enjoyed by all…


What you will need…

  • Juicer
  • A mixture of your favourite vegetables and fruits
  • An optional  little ‘kick’ if you want it to be super super healthy e.g. ginger (or garlic…but not for the faint hearted!)

For this juice I used organic beetroot freshly plucked from the ground with organic carrots, oranges and ginger. If you buy a guide to juicing or a healthy recipe book there will be countless different options for you to try if you haven’t yet found a combination that you like. All will have different benefits and will work with your body in different ways but all you need to really know is that it’s doing you a whole lot of good!



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