Having a ball in the Balearics

When I was invited to go and stay on a sailing yacht in Mallorca I wasn’t sure what to expect…Mallorca is, after all, the home of Magaluf. Yet my scepticism was quashed by day one on waking up in the marina to tranquil blue waters and a cloudless sky. The Balearics are a group of tiny islands in the Med next door to Spain. They may be small but they pack a punch! This little quartet boast some of the most beautiful bays, wildest parties (Ibiza is part of the Balearic gang after all) and stylish guests…that’s you Claudia Schiffer if you’re reading!


Each year thousands of stylish Brits escape the humdrum rat race and find solace on one of these delectable islands. If you’re a party-loving free spirit in search of dusk til dawn parties then Ibiza is the place to head whilst Mallorca and Minorca offer a more chilled vibe where no one would bat an eyelid at rocking up at dinner in a baggy salt-speckled tee and pair of Frogskins.

Our boat ‘Dice’ was based in a marina in Puerto Andratx called Club de Vela and the marina certainly lived up to Mallorca’s laid-back reputation! Despite being the home of motorboats costing millions of pounds the marina was charming. Just at the end of our jetty was the Cantina, a little café for the workmen and yacht-babysitters- the people whose job it is to keep all the boats ship shape and sparkling clean. In the morning they congregate in the Cantina and chat over a coffee and tomatoes on toast with their little marina dogs sat loyal by their sides.


When they aren’t discussing the weather forecast over breakfast they ride their bicycles up and down the marina with cigarette in hand (so Spanish!) to help everyone with their slime lines with the sound of the clattering slats of the jetties following them in their wake.

And of course, as with any hot holiday there should always be a swimming pool at hand to dash into when your skin starts to prickle after too much sun and when a few early morning lengths are in order after a night of paella and rum! The pool was also a hot spot for people watching, from the glamorous grannies to the Louis Vuitton clad sun-worshipper and from the German socialite to the Cornish surfers…there are so many great characters!


The marina is also just as lovely at night. As you approach the club from a distance the lit-up boats bob in the black water like dancing fireflies and if, like me, you are lucky enough to have a deck to sleep on then you have the opportunity to do some stargazing from your sleeping bag before bed. I only managed to spot the Plough and Orion’s belt before my eyelids had other ideas and sleep resumed!


Stay tuned to hear about Puerto Andratx itself, the bays of Southern Mallorca and much much more.

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