Anchors Aweigh!

For the majority of my time in Mallorca I was lucky enough to be staying on a small sailing yacht, which meant I was able to play skipper and go sailing every day. Perhaps this is an exaggeration…I was more like the lazy crew who sunbathes on deck and winches, pulls ropes and tacks only when required. But even so, the sailing was fun and there is nothing quite like sitting with a chilled drink, perched on the edge of the boat, legs dangling over waiting for the much welcomed refreshing splashes of water as the boat rides the waves. When you aren’t soaking up the sun and enjoying total relaxation then dolphin watching is always on the agenda. Unfortunately we didn’t see any and conversation instead turned to discussing films like Dead Calm and Jaws, which perhaps wasn’t the best idea around a shark-a-phobic!




With the boat there is always the option of visiting some of the smaller, quieter and arguably more beautiful bays, which are perhaps harder to get to on the land. As you enter these bays you catch sight of the tranquil turquoise waters, which, if you are lucky, will be teaming with fish (hopefully not of the jelly kind). Once you have found the perfect spot and put down the anchor it is time to truly relax and see what Mallorca is made of! With beautiful rugged ochre coastline and clear blue waters the bays are just shouting out to have their picture taken. Unfortunately the photos never truly do their beauty justice but they give you a good idea of what it looks like.



After sitting back and taking in the scenery and idyllic setting it is time to have some fun. We came to the conclusion that it would be silly, and damn rude, to be on a boat full of ropes and just ignore the opportunity of fashioning them into a rope swing so…we did! After a lot of persuasion, coaxing and reassurance that I wouldn’t end up landing on the cheese-wire-like edging of the boat I braved the swing. Of course, the fun couldn’t end there…diving, jumping, snorkelling and doggy-paddling were all on the cards. I was hoping that after two weeks of practice I would be diving like Tom Daly but this in hindsight was perhaps rather optimistic and besides, most of the time retaining both halves of my bikini was more of a priority than executing the perfect splash-free dive (neither are particularly easy feats).

I launched myself off a rope into this…paradise?!


After having our fun and swimming-up an appetite lunch was usually the next thing to look forward to on the sailing itinerary. Baguette (as is standard on an euro-holiday-picnic), Manchego and its other delicious cheesy companions, Serrano ham, salad-y bits and Allioli (a garlic mayonnaise dip which if you haven’t tried it- you must!) emerged from the cabin ready for our scenic feast.

Once left-over crumbs have been fed to the hungry fish and the obligatory final dip in the sea has been carried out it is time to head back out to see and head back to the marina. Sunbathing positions are resumed, books are read and tunes are played.


However, such a relaxed disposition isn’t always possible of course! As the wind picks up it’s all hands on deck but the thrill of 25knots, scrabbling for ropes and slipping and sliding around is exhilarating and you get great salt-sprayed tousled hair in the process!

On arriving back in the marina and doing your bit with the various ropes, fenders and hose pipes the evening awaits and heading out for a much-deserved dinner and mojito is always on the cards….

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