Soller…beyond the orange groves

Day two in Soller meant only one thing…a ride on the rickety tram. The tram is the best way of travelling the short twenty minute journey to Port Soller- the neighbouring town and beach. We jumped on the tram with the umbrella and beach mats leant to us by the sweet owners of S’Ardeviu and took our seats. The tram flies round Soller with everyone slipping on the varnished wooden seats which are barely wide enough for one let alone two as is meant to be the case. The train travels through the countryside and pretty much passes the end of people’s gardens. It feels like you’ve gone back in time and are getting snap shots of people’s lives and snippets of lives which seem so distant when you’re being a tourist.



The views of the towering mountains were incredible even if they made you feel very small and insignificant. Orange groves and melon patches whizzed by out of the open sides of the tram. Most people were quite as they took in the views with only the sound of the tracks and the flap of fans.

Halfway through the journey a fat conductor squeezes through the narrow carriage to collect money and give out tickets with an old-fashioned machine.  The experience may be short but it had character and won’t be easily forgotten.

When you arrive at Port Soller you hop off the tram right next to the beach. White sands and soft blue lapping waves…it doesn’t get much better. The place is very tiny but there are the usual little gift shops selling strings of wooden beads and espadrilles as well as there being seafront restaurants and cafes selling cold drinks and frozen yoghurt. Despite the place being teenie tiny compared with little resorts I have been to before there was still more than enough room on the beach (one person even had a tent up!).



James got his head stuck in cheese..


Everyone knows that all good summer holidays involve at least one day on the beach so my mission to find a good’un in Mallorca was complete.


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