Style | MARINA London

Robin Thicke can keep his Blurred Lines…clean lines are now the name of the game.


This week a very special order arrived in the post. It was a little parcel straight from MARINA London, the beautiful and equally talented womenswear designer. But stop right there, this is no ordinary womenswear! Specialising in silk and only silk, Marina has got it sorted down to a tee (quite literally). With simple tees, buttoned shirts, dresses and more, the clean lines, versatility and timelessness of each and every piece is something to behold.

Whether you want to channel the puritan shapes of Celine or the sports luxe of Alexander Wang, the MARINA collection will suit just fine. And it is of no surprise that Marina has managed to create such a wonderful collection, she went to St Martins after all!..the creme de la creme. But enough about Marina’s fashion education, let’s get back to the here and now…the clothes.

With tops named after her friends and with successful women modelling the designs on her blog it is obvious that Marina is in touch with what women want to wear and doesn’t let the pushes and pulls of the fashion world change this. I purchased 2 ROSE tops and a LEILA top (I snapped up the last one I am afraid). I am planning on wearing them for my upcoming internship at VOGUE. The great cut and silk appeal will be just right for work whilst they are still ultra comfortable and easy to wear which is ideal for me. Below is the first MARINA outfit I’ll be slinking around in but stay tuned as more will follow in my little MARINA style trilogy.

To visit the MARINA London website click here.


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