A taste of paradise

So my holiday in Mallorca was drawing to a close and there was one little trip which couldn’t be missed. Sant Elm was the neighbouring bay to Puerto Andratx and I had seen it from the boat on one of the week’s sailing adventures and had decided, then and there, that I wanted to experience it from the other side too, from the beach.


To get to Sant Elm we had to take a tiny local bus from the marina. That in itself was a bizarre experience. The honey badger bus driver (click here if you have no idea about the honey badger reference) played trance music as he put his foot down and drove us as fast as the minibus would go around the narrowest winding roads, his gold earring swinging as we swerved and spiralled up the mountain track, stopping for no one. We arrived in lightning speed (presumably so that honey badger could relax in the sun with his cigarette before having to do the rest of the route!). If I were him I know I would do the same because the setting is second to none…



We started off by heading away from the main beach area in the hope of finding some of the more secluded bays which we had spied from the boat earlier in the week. With a picnic and high expectations in tow off we went! And we found what we were looking for. In the nooks and crannies of the craggy coastline were stunning turquoise waters lapping at barnacled rocks. It felt like paradise. Doing our best impressions of mountain goats we clambered down to the waters edge.

Resting our bags on the flattest rock we could find we stripped off (not entirely) for a paddle which allowed time to take in the fantastic view as well as spend time (in equal measure) dodging the jellyfish which lurked in the shallows ready to catch you out. I thought that these jellies would be best avoided; the prospect of having your boyfriend urinate on your sting wasn’t the most romantic image!




After spending some time in the little beach of paradise we headed back to the main beach to spend the afternoon jellyfish-free. And what a relaxing afternoon it was. At the end of the day it was time to get back on the little bus back to the marina. Back through the leafy snaking roads.




This concludes my Mallorca blogs. It feels rather sad having written the last one. Even though the holiday had ended, the process of writing these blogs made sure I was still looking trough the photos and scanning through the little bank of holiday memories in my head but now this too has come to an end. At least the memories are all recorded now so the wonderful two weeks won’t easily be forgotten.


3 thoughts on “A taste of paradise

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