Style | MARINA…In the navy

As summer starts to fade into winter and long warm evenings of elderflower-sipping are replaced by darker skies and cosy trips to the pub there is a sense of mourning. No one wants to say goodbye to the joys of summer, golden skin and the playfulness of a kaleidoscopic wardrobe of zesty colours and bright florals… so why should you?! Cling on to the summer feeling and resist knitwear and grey for as long as your goose-bumpy arms and chilly blue-tipped fingers can take it. 

Floral white jeans and a silk MARINA vest offer the perfect combination. Accessorise with a pair of FINLAY & CO’s handmade wooden sunglasses. Crafted out of wood, these stylish frames are so versatile and will be sure to turn heads. Whilst it doesn’t have the ability to store your phone and purse and can’t offer itself as a substitute for a handbag this book keeps the zesty spirit alive and will add a ray of sunshine to your downcast commute on the tube. Who says a book can’t become your new favourite handheld accessory?

PAIGE  limited edition LIBERTY print jeans. Past season but click here to get your hands on Liberty print clothing.

MARINA London silk ROSE top. Click here to see for yourself!

FINLAY & CO wooden sunglasses in the Ledbury design. Click here to buy.

GILES AND BROTHER gold and silver bracelet, to visit their website click here.

Wuthering Heights



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