Designer Showrooms: Finlay & Co.

This year marked Manolo Blahnik’s debut at London Fashion Week but this accessories veteran wasn’t the only new kid on the block…British sunglasses brand FINLAY & CO. lost their Fashion Week virginity with their exhibit at the Designer Showrooms.

finlay logo

Some would say that showcasing handmade wooden sunglasses when it’s pouring with rain is somewhat idiotic but I would beg to differ. We love the idea that Britain is famous for cricket, lawn tennis and seaside holidays whilst also being renowned for traditionally terrible weather and rain stopping play. Celebrating this irony is FINLAY & CO, the quintessentially British brand producing the ultimate summertime accessory.

Image 5

The ironic charm can even be found at the very roots of the brand- the gaelic name Finlay means ‘Ray of Sunlight’ and capturing that rare, magical moment of glorious sunshine. And isn’t this what us Brits do best? The minute the weatherman declares sunny skies barbecues fly off the shelves, pub gardens are reunited with their summer punters and Pimms is served by the jug-full. A pair of FINLAY & CO. sunglasses can now be added to the equation, an equation which is now somewhat more stylish.

With a few new gems having been added to their range, the FINLAY & CO. stand is a mix of their signature classics and the latest trends.



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