Fanatical about Fashion- The Weird and Wonderful

When I said that my most recent London Fashion Week post was my last I wasn’t strictly telling the truth. I thought I would save this little gem for the very end.

Fashion Week is an opportunity for new designers to showcase their work and latest designs, it is a time for the big dogs of the fashion world to wow us with a thrilling new collection and it is a time for fashion editors to pore over the latest reworked classics and cutting edge masterpieces. But Fashion Week also serves another purpose…a platform for fashion mavericks to exhibit their quirky, fantastical and often, bizarre fashion choices.

Some would say that fashion is all about expressing yourself, making choices, asserting your personality and having a bit of fun with clothes. If this is the case then these outfits certainly achieve that. Others, however, would argue that Fashion Week is a circus of people looking utterly ridiculous in pursuit of a moment of fame.

Here are a couple of my favourites as food for thought…




And not forgetting the close up..


Whilst this comic ensemble above ranked highly on my list of favourites (and entertaining) outfits of the week, he was pipped at the post by this wonderful outfit. He may in fact be a style icon but I like to entertain the thought that he is a Dads for Justice campaigner with vertigo who traded in scaling the Houses of Parliament for braving Fashion Week. If this is the case then unfortunately he didn’t make as much of a statement as he might have hoped…at Fashion Week anything goes and it would take quite something to stand out from the crowd!



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