Dinner In A Shed

The other week I was to have dinner in a shed…but this is by no means any old shed. The Tramshed– Shoreditch’s answer to those fussy diners who only ever pick chicken or steak and bypass anything pretentious or fancy at all costs. Gone are the days when you have to send the waitress back several times over because you need more time to navigate a complex menu. At The Tramshed the simple menu of steak, chicken and seasonal side dishes leaves no room for indecision.

tramshed pic

But it’s not just the food stealing the show, the grade-2 listed building, originally built as an electricity generating facility for the tram network was designed by architect Vincent Harris over a century ago. In all its magnificent antique splendour diners are split over two levels, some gathered on the ground floor next to the bar serving gin and tonics with twists of cucumber, whilst the rest perch on the mezzanine floor with perfect eye-to-eye view of the commissioned Damien Hirst cockerel and cow. Yes you heard me…Damien Hirst! And the art doesn’t stop here, Mark Hix, founder and owner of the Tramshed and its sister restaurants, is a die hard art lover so the art collection continues downstairs in the Cock ‘n’ Bull gallery. Click here to see what’s on at the gallery.

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 17.13.55

Sarah and Robin (a couple who I’m only willing to call my relatives when they’re behaving themselves) met with James and I to feast there prior to a raucous night at the Comedy Cafe which is just a stone’s throw away.

Running more than slightly late, when we finally arrived Sarah and Robin were sufficiently tipsy  and had ordered for us. Our food arrived straight away and despite not having had time to pore over the menu and make our own choices we were pleasantly surprised with what came our way- a whole chicken! I probably wouldn’t have chosen this myself but I’m so glad that it’s what I got as it was just so good and unsurprisingly one of their signature meals and the most popular.

Going back to basics our bronzed chicken was served with the mandatory chips, sides of seasonal vegetables and a well-needed gin and tonic. Standing with its arse and legs in the air, the chicken was beautifully succulent and hearty (what more could you ask for?) and perfect for sharing.

cock and bullll

With our taste-buds satisfied, our tummies filled and our alcohol levels sufficiently risen, The Tramshed proved itself to be the perfect prerequisite for a comedy, night of full-bellied laughter and cocktails. It gets a juicy thumbs up from me.

Stay tuned for my review of the Comedy Cafe coming later this week!

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