More Balls Please

Ping-pong has been reinvented. No longer does it conjure images of beer-fuelled drinking games, playing with moth-eaten paddles in a friend’s garage or high-speed Chinese olympians in shiny impossibly short shorts. The reason being? Ping-pong’s got stylish and by that I mean it’s taken the bar scene by storm.

Being confronted with the dilemma of choosing between the gym or a night out is now a thing of the past as socialising has undergone a transformation and now incorporates the two. Whilst it may not be quite as intense or sweat-inducing as a spin class, a bop around a ping pong table, gin and tonic in hand and competitive spirit rife is a new social/exercise concept I am quite happy to embrace.

bounce 2

Whilst ping-pong bars have been around for some time I had my first experience at Bounce– one of London’s oldest and most famous ping-pong venues. Everyone gathered around the tables (some tottering in heels and no doubt regretting their poor footwear choice) and sipped the exotic-coloured cocktails in between shots (which seemed to degrade in accuracy but rapidly gain flair in correlation with the number of drinks consumed).

bounce 4

My night at Bounce was about meeting new friends, having a good time and trying out something new. What I didn’t expect was to discover a hidden talent for ping-pong. Dwelling on memories of being picked last for all ball-sports at school I wasn’t optimistic about my abilities to execute a back-hand shot, or any shot for that matter but I was pleasantly surprised! Once this new ‘skill’ (I use ‘skill’ in the loosest sense of the word) had been mentally added to my CV all previous fears of being embarrassingly terrible were put to one side and my competitive streak emerged and the night became all the more enjoyable.

bounce 3

If you are celebrating the dawn of the weekend with friends, reuniting with old classmates or just enjoying a good old knees-up then Bounce will satisfy your every need. With ping-pong being the focus, all chances of awkward silences are quashed and opportunity for laughs are aplenty.

So if you fancy developing a penchant for ping-pong whilst catching up with friends over a cocktail or two then head to Bounce and jump on the table-tennis band wagon!


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