Arriba Wahaca!

Whether it’s from observing the queue outside or having been lucky enough to eat there, most of you will have heard of Wahaca– the London-based restaurants offering some of the best Mexican food going. The restaurants with their rustic crates and colourful interiors not only serve mouth-wateringly good food but will satisfy your craving for an on-trend happening evening amongst city slickers, art directors, charity workers, journalists and students alike.

So earlier this week my Mum, James and I headed to the Wahaca Southbank Experiment- the newest string in Thomasina’s Wahaca bow. Unphased by the challenging space, Wahaca have taken over and transformed 8 recycled shipping containers on the Southbank. With overhanging levels, vaulted ceilings and glass panels, the place is spectacularly unusual and creative. As the place to be on a Friday night (or any night of the week as it seems) it pays to get their early and get in the buzzer queue.


Once you have your electric buzzer pager you can make your way tot he bar and ‘queue’ in comfort, kicking back and relaxing with mojitos, coronas and views across the Thames whilst lapping up the atmosphere and latino tunes. As your buzzer buzzes it’s time to take your seats and get ready to tuck into some Mexican goodness. With burritos, tacos, quesadillas, salads, meats and much more on offer, rushing your choice would be a careless decision. After pondering for a good ten minutes over a glass of citrus fizz we placed our order and opted for a real variety…all was delicious.


Pulled pork tacos, cheesy quesadillas, stuffed burritos, zesty salads, black bean salsas and dip aplenty filled our hungry bellies which gave the all important thumbs up. At Wahaca you sit on tables with other diners so it’s a good way of seeing more of the menu, whilst getting the inevitable food envy and ideas of what to order next time. If you’re fortunate enough to be seated next to some chatty people you get the added perk of eavesdropping some juicy gossip and hilarious snippets of dinner conversation.



After feeding on plate after plate of central American gastronomy you wouldn’t think you could possible fit another slither of tortilla or mouthful of salsa into your mouth but this is where you are proved wrong. The little wooden menu is presented again despite the usual proclamations of being too full but it is at this point that the word ‘churros’ remarkably generates some extra room and leaves you wondering whether in fact you are that full at all. Five minutes later you are tucking into churros and hot chocolate sauce somewhat bewildered at how it all came about. But bemusement is short-lived and utter delight takes over, because boy oh boy is it good.

The night concludes as you waddle from the warm buzzing restaurant back into the crisp chill of the evening. ‘Til next time Wahaca! Stay tuned to A Stylish Review for some DIY Wahaca food and Mexican recipes coming soon this week!


5 thoughts on “Arriba Wahaca!

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  2. I loved hearing about your internship with vogue and was just wondering how you managed to get it? Also I want to work in the magazine and fashion industry when I’m older, do you have any tips? Thank you.

    • Hi Caitlin,

      I just wrote to them! If they like the look of your CV and covering letter then they’ll call you and ask you to interview. If you don’t get it first time just try and try again! Make sure you mention any previous experience you have and back up everything you say with examples.

      Hope that helps!


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