Hey there Delilah

As a student, going out for lunch is a luxury. Yet it is a luxury that I am happy to indulge in. On this occasion student living was taking its toll and a craving for good food had started to creep into my consciousness. My friend Angelina and I braved the rain in pursuit of deli heaven….Delilah.



Located right in the centre of Nottingham it is just a stone’s throw from the likes of Zara and Whistles and is therefore an ideal destination for some hard-earned post-retail goodness. Inside it is an emporium of everything Jamie Oliver would approve of – homemade breads, squid ink ribbons of pasta, antipasti by the bucket full and more varieties of olive oil you’d think possible.





After having a good browse of the various pickles, preserves, cheeses and unusual concoctions we went upstairs to the mezzanine café. With views over the stacked shelves and the coffee bar (where caramel shortbread and the most delicious looking tray bakes are in no short supply) and some rather happy customers we took our order.




With a huge choice this is no task for the indecisive. Sandwiches brimming with scrummy fillings and a good dose of belly-satisfaction, Moroccan lamb tagine, beautiful salads with Mediterranean vegetables and exotic additions and a whole lot more tantalising options are yours for the choosing. We were both tempted by the goats cheese, walnut and prosciutto salad. It was so good that it has since been replicated at home on several occasions (we are yet able to make it just as good as the original though).


It such a little gem in a city where chain-restaurants attempt to rule the roost. If ever you are in need of a good bit of fresh, seasonal and completely delicious food then this is certainly a good shout. Click here to visit the website.


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