Rosa’s Thai Cafe

Anything within a small radius of Liberty is always worth trying out and Rosa’s Thai Cafe is no exception. Tucked away in a street off Carnaby Street and set back from the hustle and bustle of Regent Street is this wonderful little cafe- perfect for a deliciously laid-back lunch without breaking the bank or resorting to your usual lunch-break haunt of Pret.

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With a beautiful simple interior and the loveliest staff, the fact that the food is superb is just another bonus. I had chicken Pad Thai of rice noodles with egg, peanuts, bean sprouts, spring onions and lime whilst James had the most beautiful wrap of char-grilled marinated chicken satay with tomatoes, lettuce, coriander and peanut. Not only does the food look good but it’s fresh, zesty, light and completely delicious. Forget heavy greasy curries and westernised asian food….this is the real deal and it can’t be missed.

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Along with your bill (which is so reasonable bearing in mind how good the food is and its central London location) you get a little recipe card so that you can recreate some of the Rosa dishes. So when you’re doing your Liberty christmas shopping and fancy something a little different then be sure to head to Rosa’s thai Cafe. To make a dinner reservation or try out more of their recipes from their blog then click here!

To read all about Liberty then read my review here.


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