Ruben’s Bakehouse- a slice of Italy

On a murky and drizzly day in London nothing cheers you up like a good pizza. And my new little favourite place is Ruben’s Bakehouse in Twickenham. What originally started as a little bakery is now a fully-fledged Twicks hot spot. The result? A lovely little pizza restaurant where you go for a good chatter, a belly full of delicious pizza and the sense that you’re being cooked for by your long lost Italian family.

Image 24

With a chipboard wall, strings of lights, fresh flowers blooming from chunky ceramic jugs and long benches for sitting shoulder to shoulder with your fellow pizza-lovers it has the loveliest vibe. Poring over a hand-written menu on a clipboard the waiter will come over, sit next to you and help you choose! With a small gimmick-free selection of traditional flavours to choose from and a bring-your-own alcohol policy the result is not only a beautiful, simple and tasty pizza and a chilled (and slightly tipsy) bunch of happy customers who all inevitably end up talking to one another. With socialising, great food and family spirit in full swing it’s a supper you’ll be unlikely to forget.

Image 17

Image 19

Image 25

When you pop in the next day to buy the perfect artisan loaf or a little sweet treat from the bakery the waiter will be sure to recognise you and you’ll feel like a local in no time at all.

Image 22


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