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The last couple of months have been hectic to say the least so I can only apologise for my lack of blogging…I have not deserted you all! I am on the home stretch of university and whilst this is an exciting time (due to the fact that the end is finally well and truly in sight!) it is also very stressful and busy. University work finds a way of sapping away much of your free time and social life, and with this goes the blogging.

marilyn reading

But fear not! Even though I haven’t had much chance to write blogs recently I have had times in moments of procrastination to plan lots of exciting things with which to reward you all once I am back on the bloggersphere….a thank you for holding on, hanging in there and sticking around ready for my return. With studying, education, dissertations and exams all a thing of the past I will be indulging in a little relaxation and celebration. Expect mini-breaks, holidays (an exotic one is in the pipe line), a birthday (the big 21), summer food, a wedding, fancy grad ball dresses and much much more…

pool 1

I will of course blog when I do get the chance to kick back, relax and enjoy myself in the run-up to exams but if you can’t wait that long then I have some further reading for you to dig into in the meantime. ‘Further Reading’ is a term that crops up far too often at university and is usually the bearer of bad news, i.e. that the copious number of books you have slaved at reading were not satisfactory and indeed there are a whole host more to add to the to-do list. But hopefully in this instance it will not be so much of a chore. As well as my blog I write a monthly column for Impact Magazine as well as helping out with the FINLAY & CO blog which keeps you up to date on all the new and exciting projects and events.


If you want to know which classic pieces you should be buying each month and interesting ways to style them then click here to read my ‘Investment SOS’ column for Impact. To find out more about the new pursuits of the FINLAY & CO. team then click here to go straight to their blog.

I’ve got to get back to a rather hefty (and dusty) old book but stay tuned and don’t forget you can now follow A Stylish Review on Bloglovin’ as well!




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