Oh Lordy!

All week I had been looking forward to a day at Lords After a long week at work and having been left to sulk at home as everyone jetted off on holiday, Sunday promised to be a Pimms-fuelled day of sixes, posh pic-nicking and tanned shoulders.

(Please excuse the blurry pictures! In my state of deprived sleep I forgot my camera and relied just on my phone which was apparently still as bleary-eyed as me!)


IMG_1032 IMG_1042

With a family of cricket-enthusiasts and MCC members I wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume I was in the know when it came to the match…in reality whilst I get the rules I had to admit I didn’t even know who was set to be playing! It turned out to be India and England- a game set to boast wickets-aplenty, a “beard to be feared” and some exciting catches.


As the home of cricket, Lords is the Wimbledon of the cricket world and strict dress regulations, pomp, panama hats, and cool boxes laden with champagne and overpriced M&S goodies are more than just commonplace, they are pretty much obligatory! 



…Here he is Moeen Ali looking like a Borrower walking on a fence…


It was perhaps slightly more pedestrian than expected and my heavy eyelids did catch up on some much-needed sleep on the odd occasion! But on the whole it was such good fun…


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