Monica Vinader – The Ultimate Treasure Trove

The building itself looks like one great big dazzling jewel- the kind you would find weighing down the poor slender finger of a modern-day princess (a wonderfully wholesome one of course!). But Monica Vinader‘s new treasure trove of a flagship store on The King’s Road isn’t the only thing to be shouting about. As the countdown to Christmas gets well and truly underway, the Monica Vinader online emporium of diamonds, precious gemstones and gold finds itself poured over on many an occasion by the eager magpie eyes of the present-hunter, the wishful-thinker and the self-indulged. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift to surprise your just as perfect friend, something special to put on your own (somewhat growing) Christmas wish-list, or a sprinkle of diamonds to add to your (not quite so quickly growing) collection for the social calendar’s winter crescendo, MV is your lady!

So, for those of you lovely readers who do not have the time to endlessly browse the site until diamonds, onyx, aquamarine and quartz are jading your vision in twinkling kaleidoscopes like an upmarket Candy Crush, I have done the legwork for you and have compiled a handy list of my top picks.

For the globe-trotter

“Oh- and I say girls! Your jewellery matches your bikini? How very marvellous”. Sun-kissed skin never looked so good than with golden hues and a splash of colour and with MV’s exotic collections of friendship bracelets it really is possible for your jewellery to play just as hard as you this winter. Frolic in the waves of the Caribbean sea with the fluro yellow, or hit the slopes on your Alpine getaway with a festive flash of red and silver. Mix up colours, swap styles and be sure to co-ordinate with your best-friend or sister! Go wild with the Bali, Fiji and Havana bracelets below.

For the girl who has it all

We all have one. That tricky friend who has just about everything, and novelty gifts, socks or vouchers really won’t cut the mustard. In crises like these we can turn to our reliable friend- diamonds. No one is ever to young or old to fall in love with diamonds (even if it is for the hundredth time). Understated studs for the stylish tomboy, or for the flashy exhibitionist try all-out show-stopping jaw-dropping glam with this Esencia gobstopper of a ring. It’s a fail safe no-brainer.

The monogram

Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Longchamp…they’re all at it. Having your name on your clothes used to come hand-in-hand with embarrassment-your mother stitching a name tape into the collar of your school blazer or a white name sticker on your first day of college. But times have changed and having a spatter of initials on the hem of a scarf or the front of a bag are now striking beacons of luxury and exclusivity. If you work in an office where your new wardrobe addition cannot go a week without finding its way in duplicated form onto all of your colleagues then personalisation offers a small degree of solace- a small finishing touch allowing for an identity to be salvaged. So whether it is your initials, a festive wish or a memorable date, don’t forget to make it personal this Christmas at Monica Vinader. The Ziggy Petal and this Riva Pendant are a good place to start!

Happy shopping!



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