Give it a rub!

The idea of having a massage has always been a bit alien to me. As a very young child my family would revel in tickling me until on the brink of wetting myself (a risky game…never played on carpet) and my ticklishness hasn’t at all subsided as I have grown older. I have never thought it a good idea, therefore, to pay for a massage just on the off chance I can’t withstand even 5 minutes before giggling and leaping off the bed, or even worse, lashing out at the poor masseuse! But for the last month I have been troubled by a constant headache, as of yet incurable with medicine, and the misery that comes with having to turn down invitations in favour of snoozing in a state of bed-bound boredom. This led me to desperate measures. I decided to take the plunge and thought a head massage would do the trick. Cowshed was the first port of call.

cowshed 2 cowshed 1

For those of you who don’t know, Cowshed is a lovely British brand that started off from a cow shed in Somerset and has now found its way into everyone’s Little Black Book. I visited the Cowshed just off Carnaby Street, down Foubert’s Place. The gorgeous staff were practically glowing and the relaxation started the minute I stepped over the threshold- drinks were served, delicious candles were burning away, and three friends sat and chatted as they had matching pedicures. I went downstairs to have my head massage, and boy was it good! If I could bottle up the feeling of complete relaxation and keep it forever then I would- it surpassed all of my expectations. For anyone who does get stress, tense or headachy then I honestly would recommend it, it did more good than any of the pills my doctor has thrown at me. The only negative? This one-off treat may have to become a regular indulgence, for the meantime at least.cowshed 3cowshed 4

cowshed 5

To book a treatment (I promise, you won’t regret it) click here.



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