Fifty Shades of Sunday

All good films need a good build-up, a good plot and a stellar cast. The Sunday just gone ticked all of the above. Since our last trip (click here to see us romping around Dorset) and a rather boozy dinner which managed to duck and dive and avoid the blog entirely, we have been looking forward to our next big get-together. The date was set for Sunday and with five out of six of us in attendance we had great expectations for another belly-laugh good time.

And what better way to catch up than over a very long-anticipated brunch. We booked The Imperial, so the scene was set and all that was required were my leading ladies. With hangovers and Valentine’s Day palavers in tow, stepping into The Imperial, all white walls, high ceilings, juicing and breezy waitresses offers promise for an instant boost. With bums on seats, sunglasses removed and menus in hand we were ready for a mammoth intake of food, and a flurry of conversation.

the imperial

Having had the nod of approval from the waitress and reassurance that it was indeed a judgement-free zone, Jess and I ordered the veggie breakfasts with bacon, sausages and black pudding respectively. Duck egg soldiers, and eggs royale with sourdough and avocado were also on order along with various juice concoctions. Instagram-worthy and with a healthy conscience…we were onto a winner.

br 1 br2 br3 br4

So with that satisfied feeling of fulness and having met our yearly quota of chatter it was safe to say that all areas had been covered. As we left the Imperial with our moods somewhat more buoyant and lifted than our tummies, the sun was doing its best to rival the frosty winter chill. Whilst I do not agree with New Year resolutions, I did decide that this year I would make a more conscious effort to look up more, so this is what I did. It is surprising quite how much you see which you would otherwise miss when you keep your eyes peeled. Whether it’s a chink of sunrise reflecting off the trains at Clapham Junction in the morning, or a pearl and Chanel clad old lady feeding birds with freshly-bought artisan brioche there is always something to make you smile. This Sunday the King’s Road was full of little curiosities, enough to brighten the day yet further.

Having checked on my order at Designer’s Guild and browsed the latest collections at Maje, Sandro and Zara at the Duke Of York’s Square I felt a little pang of temptation stirring. For five years now I have had an old clapped-out second hand Louis Vuitton and it has been crying out to be granted retirement. Tearing at the seams and having lost one of its straps in a scrape with a Sainsbury’s check-out machine along the way, all it really wants now is to pass on the torch and spend the rest of its time nestled on my wardrobe shelf with summer sunglasses and the shoes which only make appearances at weddings and special occasions.

With this in mind, I was lured down Sloane Street like Dorothy being led down the Yellow Brick Road in anticipation of great things. In my case…it was the wizard of Louis Vuitton. Fifty shades of caramel, gold and mocha – I was in luggage heaven. Quintessentially French and just as luxurious, anything monogrammed was just totally irresistible. My overdraft limit got between me and an armful of LV (luckily for most of the other women in the store this was not an issue). As a creature of habit and with fear of making regretful choices I stuck to what I knew, and in this case it’s the Noe. The perfect bucket bag originally designed to carry five bottles of the finest champagne…now if ever there was a bag with a purpose it has to be this one!! A boozy purpose at that. A quick swipe of the credit card and POOF! the bag was mine. I was one very happy girl.


Still swinging my new Noe around in glee (obviously without too much zeal in fear of scuffs!) I headed home…I had a date with Christian Grey. The hysteria for Fifty Shades of Grey has been mounting. One could say it is even the most-anticipated film of the year. So when my housemates suggested booking tickets I leapt at the opportunity. We booked to see the film at Ritzy, which is just around the corner from Brixton Station. Hoards of extremely giddy punters (mostly women!) flooded in to the beautiful screening room. These kinds of cinemas are always the best kind- grand, ornate and BYOB! So in we went, arms full of popcorn and glasses (or in most cases, bottles) of wine.


The film, as you would expect, wasn’t an Oscar worthy performance. But in reality that isn’t why anyone was there. No one was there to critique heartfelt performances, analyse the camera-work or study the directing. the sole purpose of going to see Fifty Shades of Grey was to giggle, see Jamie Dornan’s abs and have a bit of fun! This was most definitely apparent and the highlight of the night was being part of the most rowdy, loud and hyperactive audience. As a secondary soundtrack to the film was a constant stream of sniggering, giggling and out-loud cackling. As tension grew in one part of the film someone popped the cork of their champagne with the most perfect comic timing, swiftly to be followed by wolf-whistles and applause. it was hands down the most uplifting, hilarious and enjoyable cinema experience and I would recommend it to anyone! Gather together your girlfriends, have a few drinks and head on down to Ritzy.

So, all in all, it was a pretty perfect Sunday. How do you plan on spending yours?



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