Sausage and Saigon

Wednesday night meant date night. Usually I think it’s best to do something a little unusual rather than opting for the bog standard dinner and cocktails. But once in a while it is nice to stick to the book and do something fun even if it is a cliché. Unable to book tickets to see The Book of Mormon (sold out and extortionate) the second runner was Miss Saigon. In hindsight this actually turned out to be a great option as well as being marginally easier on the bank account.

Almost opposite the theatre was Herman Ze German, somewhere that I have been intrigued to visit for a while. Selling just German wurst sausages it is a simple yet tasty idea and an exciting prospect (…if you’re partial to a bit of sausage). The restaurant was on Old Compton Street in Soho but there are several others dotted around London…good to know if you’re ever in dire need of a scrumptious sausage with crispy onions in any of its various guises.

ZG 1 ZG 2 ZG 3


Having tucked into the juicy sausage offerings at Herman Ze German it was time to grab a swift G&T before the show began and find our seats.

MSS theatre

Without giving too much away, the show is set in Vietnam at the time of the war. With opening scenes in a brothel, the show follows the story of an American soldier and a young girl who has found herself taken under the wing of The Engineer, a man with almost as many flashy sequinned blazers as pole dancing employees. With love, death, plot twists and an awful lot of hip thrusting it was a hit.

MS 1 MS 2

Testimony to how much I enjoyed Miss Saigon was the fact I was involuntarily thrusting and subconsciously singing in a Vietnamese accent for the following week. I am sorry to all those who witnessed this!



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