Dubai – sands of the desert

Having spent my time exploring the concrete metropolis that is Dubai, it was time for something a little bit different. Apart from the sunshine, Dubai seemed to mainly consist of things that were commercial, artificial or superficial. Of course, spending time with friends and family over a good cocktail, or lounging on the beach enjoying a book and a slowly-emerging tan are wholesome things that can be enjoyed, but apart from that, the enjoyable bits of Dubai seemed rather shallow. The desert, however, is one aspect of the Emirates that hasn’t yet been covered in concrete or manipulated in any way. I have never thought of myself as much of an outdoorsy kind of person, but I really noticed on this holiday that it is something I really cherish and take for granted on a holiday, or in life as general. But having quickly realised that I was craving some more nature and a means of escaping from the city, the sand dunes were calling.



Having let the pressure down in the tyres we dived straight into the sand dunes. Bumping around, this would not be an activity for the morning after a heavy night. The desert becomes a huge playground, a sense of fear with each dune – fear that we would have to dig out the car in sizzling heat with little more than a spade and our bare hands.







In the same way that Dubai itself doesn’t do anything by half-measures, the desert didn’t either. The landscape was huge- a vast expanse of dusty blood-orange sandy ripples. The shape of the desert was constantly shifting, a comforting reminder that mother nature still had the upper hand, at least for now.







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