Cruise Control – Louis Vuitton in Palm Springs

On a day when we marched to the polling stations and contemplated the possibilities of our country heading in a new direction, the models at Louis Vuitton voted unanimously for a new sartorial course.

Since Nicolas Ghesquière took to the helm of Louis Vuitton, the fashion house has not ceased to stun. So much so that it has unquestionably dictated the trends of high street fashion and street style this season – suede miniskirts mini skirts, western blouses and button-down shift dresses, all of which ooze a nostalgia of a bygone era. This time round in Bob Hope’s Palm Springs home, a crowd of muses and well-heeled fashion editors gathered to see LV spring from the past into the future with the Cruise 2016 collection.

LV1lv 4

Beautifully crafted and structured crocodile in polished silver appeared in the form of self-assured jackets, which took outwear interstellar. High-waisted and sweeping, the new trouser shape of the season adds a degree of wearability- a characteristic intrinsic to Ghesquière’s work (a quality that we all greatly appreciate- making the transition from catwalk to wardrobe all the more effortless). Continuing on the voyage of space discovery models were strapped in tight with safety belt-style adornments and shrugged on padded bomber jackets fit for the cockpit of any spaceship with an air of pluck.

lv 3

Pinstripes were also on the agenda and were elevated to new heights of sophistication and sass in equal measures with zips and leather details. Other offerings included sumptuous leather jackets – both in deliciously smooth teal and textured suedes – and basket-weave dresses in moss that would woo even the most stringent trouser-devotee.

lv 5

lv 7lv 6

Let us not forget that a Louis Vuitton show would not be complete without a mandatory whetting of appetites with a covetable offering of accessories- so enticing that the front row’s fingers will already be twitching on their credit cards ready for a swift purchase. Famed for their luggage, it is of no surprise that handbags took the shape of travel boxes complete with exotic palms, in tune with both the location’s lush botanical surroundings and the wanderlust that has been brewing in us all, in part thanks to the constant stream of travel pictures that have been inundating our magazines’ summer issues recently.

lv bag

So on a day where our nation’s future hangs in the balance and a degree of uncertainty looms, the bold move by Louis Vuitton, and its creative mastermind, is one we can count on. On point and with unflappable style credentials…I vote for Ghesquière.




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