Ultimate Beach Luxe – Scorpios, Mykonos

IMG_0045Nammos, the famed beach club, has competition in the form of the brand spanking new (and incredibly gorgeous) hot spot- Scorpios. As the brain child of former nightclub owners, the very concept of the beach club has been flipped on its head. Having seen the shift in the habits of party-goers first hand, the idea (or philosophy as they like to call it) is that the experience of lazing by the beach, drinking chilled wine by day, indulging in a long lunch, and then partying from dusk ’til dawn no longer needs to be found at separate locations, but rather can be experienced in one fell swoop, in one place. With panoramic views, Scorpios stands proudly on its own peninsula, surrounded by craggy rock and secluded private beaches. Muted natural tones, contemporary architecture and design-led details combine to create a raffia-coloured haven, evidence of a keen-eye and a clear concept. Executed to perfection, the result is flawless- privacy without compromising on atmosphere, and a level of smart grown-up sophistication without the stuffiness that too often too stifles and jeopardises a relaxed and laid-back setting.

At Scorpios you will be in good company as it calls in the most eclectic mix of people: groups of young friends with style credentials to boot, flashy men clad in Gucci loafers with a harem of nip and tucked girlfriends, salty-haired sailors who have arrived by tender, celebrities keeping a low-profile, and yogis balancing on their heads. Everyone is welcome, and remarkably I do too. For someone who often feels out of depth when plonked anywhere luxurious, snobby, or exclusive then this is saying something. Equally my scruffy Paige cut-offs, old lip flops and sun-bleached canvas beach bag felt quite at home, which is lucky as I avoid anywhere where heels or any sort of level of grooming are obligatory – for me, its a nonnegotiable matter.

Whether you plan to move from one area to another in a bid to follow the sun as it tracks across the sky, or if you plan to follow the music, the dancing and the food, there is the perfect spot for you. Beach cabanas feel somewhat more grounded- you can go for a swim and doze off listening to the gentle tempo of the waves, whilst the Sunset and Nomad terraces allow you to be in the thick of it and more engaged in the classic beach-club vibe. We opted for the beach by day and then the restaurant and sunset terrace for the evening.


(Bikini by Asceno, Sunglasses by Celine)

Having booked a beach-front cabana in advance (through worry of missing out) we were pleasantly surprised that the beach area remained quiet and peaceful for much of the day with just a spattering of guests popping by, each only for a few hours. A couple of bouncy beagle puppies were given the chance to stretch their legs at the quietest points, and one of the staff raked seaweed from the water’s edge (a relentless and seemingly never-ending task). The lunch menu, which celebrates the very best of Greek cuisine with elegant gastronomical touches, went down an absolute treat- think crispy pitta with creamy seasoned hummus served in a wicker-encased jar, delicious smoked aubergine dip, and chicken salad tossed in zesty dressing and wrapped in a hand-toasted flatbread. Eating with a stunning view and in dappled sunlight it tasted even sweeter. IMG_0050

Dinner was equally divine. Preempting that the portions would be small (as is generally the case when opting for fine gastronomy) we ordered a lot- calamari (is it even possible to resist when you set eyes on squid on a menu?), salmon, chicken, buttered courgettes and grilled octopus. A case of ‘eyes bigger than your belly’ then followed as the portions were impressively generous in size. As we dined we experienced a distinct change in mood. The sun started to slide back down towards the horizon and the peachy haze of light (for which Mykonos is famed) illuminated Scorpios with a gilded glow. Making everyone look utterly gorgeous, this evening light is sublime and something you just have to experience in the flesh- pictures alone just will not suffice. As the legendary haze bled into the palest of blue skies it also became apparent how well thought-through Scorpios is, with attention to detail evident in every finishing touch- as if on cue, thick linen cushions in earthen colours are placed on the western terrace along with tea lights ready for the descent of a tanned crowd ready to set in for a night of music, canoodling, and chatter. The ambiance really was enough to make you giddy. It was one of the peak moments of my entire trip- beautiful pink and honey-coloured bliss. 

As the night beckons, shirts become slightly more unbuttoned, gyrating pert bottoms peak through crochet kaftans, and limbs tanned to the darkest of shades of mahogany sway to the beat of the music offering a snapshot of the golden years of hedonism and the lingering magic that means a first trip to Mykonos will never be the last. A sexy consortium dance and drink well into the night.

My writing and photos can in no way do this place justice, so be sure to visit www.scorpiosmykonos.com to indulge in some real wanderlusting! Yes, it does look like the pictures in real life, and yes, it really is as incredible as they make out. View with caution as you may find yourself spontaneously booking flights (and cabanas!).

Get a feel for the rest of Mykonos by reading about me Greek Odyssey, or my guide to Mykonos beaches.



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