Show Report – Victoria Beckham RTW SS16

We thought we knew what to expect with Victoria Beckham, the Spice girl turned fashion aficionado, but how wrong we are. Victoria’s SS16 show turned heads with a collection that was delivered with a punchy kick of colour and a gutsy attitude that suggests she is doing anything but playing it safe. For those who expected pared back colours and elegant silhouettes instead lay in store a surprising and refreshing twist- Victoria has spoken before of her admiration for British style and the way Brits move to the beat of their own drum, and it seems that in this instance Victoria is doing just that.

As if playing with a paint box of colour, the palette for the collection was bright and bold – cobalt blue struck a lively note whilst dashes of red, mustard and yolky yellow demanded attention. Oversized checks brought easy summer appeal whilst striking surf motifs added a playful mischief to the collection and hinted that memories of time spent in LA may have played a part whilst masterminding the season to come. This laid-back and adventurous attitude transcended to the beauty too- makeup was undone, lightly sun kissed and punctuated with kisses of coral red, whilst hair was worn loose behind the ears. Combined with shoes trodden and scrunched down at the back, the overall mood was one of nonchalance. Perhaps this collection more than any other shows Victoria’s true colours, as someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, just like her witty Instagram snaps reveal when she lets fans take a glimpse into her private life- one of puppies, sneakers and minion tattoos.

I for one was also impressed by the fresh approach to utility that Victoria delivered so flawlessly- nom core this was not! Drawstring necklines, clean-cut zippy jackets, racer-back shapes and vest tops took sports luxe into 2016 with ease and style to boot, and not an obvious baseball cap, parka or trainer in sight. This care in designing something new and exciting was equal in measure to the care that is taken in delivering something that women really do want to wear. Too often is it the case that ready-to-wear collections are anything but ready to wear, but this has never been the case with Victoria Beckham’s pieces. Every jacket, skirt, trouser or shirt appeals to a prospective wearer- the cut, the finish, the style, the versatility, the wearability and above all, the comfort.

For someone who refuses to wear anything even marginally uncomfortable regardless of how trendy it may be, the ability to achieve both comfort and style so seamlessly is something I admire. A perfect example of this would be the white long-sleeve and trouser set complete with flirtatiously flippy hems and an exquisite cut. This look is effortlessly chic and sleek, but simultaneously is something you could slip into on a lazy Sunday morning with trainers to pop out to get the paper and a croissant. Another piece working hard and proving its worth is the floral print bomber jacket – a gem of navy that will stand the test of time whether it’s teamed with heels and suiting for a business meeting or slung over the shoulders with a t-shirt and scruffy jeans for easy cool. When it comes to investment pieces, Victoria Beckham has affirmed her place up there with the best.

So if you wish to have the Beckham’s laid-back and carefree attitude bestowed upon you then add your name to the waiting list for one of Victoria’s magnificent pieces. Uncompromised quality, unparalleled attention to detail, and an unexpected flourish of colour and creativity, it really was a triumphant collection. A smile from Anna Wintour and a shy grin from Victoria too?…I think they agree.


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