Hello 2017! Hello UAE!

I have to admit, I have somewhat neglected my blog recently. As one of my resolutions for the year I plan to get back into the saddle, blow the cobwebs off my keyboard and get writing again (who am I … Continue reading

Un Week-end à Paris

Nothing quite beats a weekend in Paris, and it is for that reason that I challenge anyone to say their weekend was more perfect than mine. It all began, as most weekends do, on a Saturday morning. Within a few … Continue reading

Dubai – view from the top

So I find myself in Dubai with a view to seeing the sites and making the most of my week off work. I had already explored The Marina and found my favourite public beach on which to bask shamelessly in … Continue reading

Alpine Adventure

Whilst my body constantly yearns for a bit of sun (regardless of the season) once in a while it craves something a little different, Fresh clean air, brilliant white and vin chaud to be precise. So come 20th March it … Continue reading

Day Two in Kraków

Saturday morning came and the six of us crawled from our beds dishevelled and hungover. Hilarious tales of the night before were retold, hairbrushes teased through tangled hair and makeup application resembled that of plastering in desperate attempts to disguise … Continue reading

Day One in Kraków – Auschwitz, Wieliczka Salt Mine and Wodki

More often than not a trip to Auschwitz wouldn’t feature too highly on the agenda for a twenty-something girl looking to celebrate her birthday…but it did for my lovely friend Sian. I think it was more so a case of … Continue reading

Sausage and Saigon

Wednesday night meant date night. Usually I think it’s best to do something a little unusual rather than opting for the bog standard dinner and cocktails. But once in a while it is nice to stick to the book and … Continue reading

Fifty Shades of Sunday

All good films need a good build-up, a good plot and a stellar cast. The Sunday just gone ticked all of the above. Since our last trip (click here to see us romping around Dorset) and a rather boozy dinner … Continue reading

A Mix-Up, A Bush Baby, A Bite

The East coast beaches of Zanzibar are renowned for being the best on the island. Whether it was friends, my guide book or a sun-faded posters with curling corners in Stone Town, everything and everyone said ‘Go East’. We had … Continue reading

Discovering Stone Town

Steeped in history and a cultural hotspot, Stone Town is a firm favourite in the ‘top picks’ list in guidebooks of Tanzania. Yet, if recent news is to go by, it seems to also be the creator of all of … Continue reading