Meeting Eunmi Kim

In a small studio under Queensway I find Eunmi Kim. With rain drumming against the rattling windowpanes of the communal workspace she sits holding a cup of tea and a notebook ordering pottery supplies. Today she wears black jeans and … Continue reading

A day in the Cotswolds – Daylesford

Sometimes it’s nice to escape the busy hustle and bustle of city life and what better place to retreat to than the Cotswolds. Leafy and home to a lot of labradors it makes for the perfect weekend getaway or even … Continue reading

Vogue 100 – A Tribute to my trusty friend, Vogue.

I can remember reading my first copy of Vogue magazine. My parents had taken my sister  and me away to the Loire Valley in France for a family holiday. We were staying in a beautiful house with a comfortable living … Continue reading

The Pyjama Edit – What’s your pyjama personality?

Of late I have been inundating my friends with photos of my new pyjamas (because why wouldn’t you send bed selfies when you feel like a princess clad in a box-fresh crisp cotton night shirt?) and my love for beautiful … Continue reading

Countryfile – Sibton Park, Suffolk

Spirits in London were dampened by the tube strike, but mine were brightened by the prospect of leaving work at 1 o’clock and starting my weekend early. The lovely Amie and Tim were getting married in their home county, Suffolk, … Continue reading

Far From The Madding Crowd

If ever there was a lesson in how to flawlessly wear gingham and bandana print whilst being a ballsy protofeminist it is this- Carey Mulligan in Thomas Hardy’s Far From The Madding Crowd. As the film opens with Carey swinging … Continue reading

Dubai – the concrete jungle

This year I have gone from the luxury of university holidays, which span endlessly across summer and punctuate the year offering weeks of much-needed rest, recovery and procrastination, to the shock of working life where a somewhat generous sounding 25 … Continue reading

Give it a rub!

The idea of having a massage has always been a bit alien to me. As a very young child my family would revel in tickling me until on the brink of wetting myself (a risky game…never played on carpet) and my … Continue reading