Havana – A riot of colour

I have always wanted to go to Cuba and its recent habit of relentlessly popping up in conversation, the media, books and magazines made it impossible to do anything but scratch the itch and book flights. In recent years there … Continue reading

Hello 2017! Hello UAE!

I have to admit, I have somewhat neglected my blog recently. As one of my resolutions for the year I plan to get back into the saddle, blow the cobwebs off my keyboard and get writing again (who am I … Continue reading

Un Week-end √† Paris

Nothing quite beats a weekend in Paris, and it is for that reason that I challenge anyone to say their weekend was more perfect than mine. It all began, as most weekends do, on a Saturday morning. Within a few … Continue reading

A day in the Cotswolds – Daylesford

Sometimes it’s nice to escape the busy hustle and bustle of city life and what better place to retreat to than the Cotswolds. Leafy and home to a lot of labradors it makes for the perfect weekend getaway or even … Continue reading

Countryfile – Sibton Park, Suffolk

Spirits in London were dampened by the tube strike, but mine were brightened by the prospect of leaving work at 1 o’clock and starting my weekend early. The lovely Amie and Tim were getting married in their home county, Suffolk, … Continue reading

A Greek Caricature – Fira, Santorini

Fira is meant to be the jewel in Santorini’s crown. As the main town it sees thousands of tourists pacing its streets every summer as they gather to experience its breath-taking views, stylish boutiques, caldera cable-car rides and luxury hotels. … Continue reading

The Underdog Strikes Back – Oia, Santorini

The outcome was always the same. Fira always came out on top and Oia was always second best. This seemed to be the rule of thumb with regards to tossing up between Oia and Fira- Santorini’s two main towns on … Continue reading

At The Water’s Edge – Pollonia, Milos

I have already banged on about how much I loved Pollonia in one of my previous blog posts, but it deserves another going over. By day Pollonia was lovely, but by night it adopted a new quality entirely. In¬†Mykonos it … Continue reading

A Paintbox of Colour – Klima, Milos

With only a few days on each island, we were fully aware that there would be compromises on our trip. So much to do and so little time- this is usually the biggest dilemma encountered on a holiday. With this … Continue reading

Hidden Treasures of the Cyclades – Firiplaka, Milos

Famed for its beaches, it should be of no surprise that our time in Milos was spent largely in pursuit of great beaches. Having come up trumps with Tsigrado the day before, on our second day in Milos the plan … Continue reading