A day in the Cotswolds – Daylesford

Sometimes it’s nice to escape the busy hustle and bustle of city life and what better place to retreat to than the Cotswolds. Leafy and home to a lot of labradors it makes for the perfect weekend getaway or even … Continue reading

Day One in Kraków – Auschwitz, Wieliczka Salt Mine and Wodki

More often than not a trip to Auschwitz wouldn’t feature too highly on the agenda for a twenty-something girl looking to celebrate her birthday…but it did for my lovely friend Sian. I think it was more so a case of … Continue reading

A Breath of Fresh Air

Just under six months ago, I started work at Condé Nast. This could have been a daunting process but luckily I wasn’t alone in this giant step into the high-gloss world of magazines and life in the Big Smoke. Six … Continue reading

A Mix-Up, A Bush Baby, A Bite

The East coast beaches of Zanzibar are renowned for being the best on the island. Whether it was friends, my guide book or a sun-faded posters with curling corners in Stone Town, everything and everyone said ‘Go East’. We had … Continue reading

The Long Road East To Uroa

With Stone Town done and dusted it was time to head east in order to spend the next week mainly horizontal with a book in one hand and a drink in another. The taxi ride there was even more beautiful and … Continue reading

Discovering Stone Town

Steeped in history and a cultural hotspot, Stone Town is a firm favourite in the ‘top picks’ list in guidebooks of Tanzania. Yet, if recent news is to go by, it seems to also be the creator of all of … Continue reading

Journey to Zanzibar

For weeks and weeks the anticipation for my holiday to Zanzibar had been building. After the stresses of final exams, dissertations, job interviews and my sister’s wedding, some time in the sun was long overdue. We had planned out our … Continue reading

Istanbul- The Ones To Watch, Part 2

    Whilst Hagia Sophia is no longer a place of worship, the Blue Mosque is still very much in action. You won’t be able to visit during prayer times but it’s worthwhile getting a sneak peek inside in between … Continue reading

Istanbul- The Ones To Watch

They are probably the two most iconic and well-known sites in Istanbul- Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. It doesn’t matter which tour you book, which guide you read, who you speak to or which travel article you stumble upon…all … Continue reading

Istanbul- Big Macs

I have never been a particular fan of MacDonalds and its fast food offering and a big mac is something that neither tickles my tastebuds nor sends my willpower into cowardly retreat. But these macs really did catch my eye. … Continue reading